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Basic Fundamentals For All Cue Sports

The Real Simple Stuff To Improve Your Billiards Shot

Pool Cue First things first, check out your cue sticks tip. This is probably the simplest way to improve your performance with out even adding to your skill level or practicing, it’s a little thing know as: Preparation. So, what is this super simple yet very effective way to improve your performance? Easy, just make sure your cue tip is in tip top shape, pun intended:) What do I mean, you say. If your pool cue tip looks like a mushroom then it needs to be fixed. If your pool cue tip is flat it needs to be fixed. This is a fairly easy fix so do not fret. Simply use a razor to trim off any excess tip that is sticking out of the sides. Then use some sandpaper to smooth-en out. The top of the tip should be slightly rounded you sandpaper again to round off the top of your tip so that is not flat I’ve heard it said that he should have the route best of a nickel, so about the same curvature as a nickel if you laid it flat and looked at it from the side. You can get good scuffing materials at your local billiards service a good friend runs a service in Las Vegas, Nevada check out his site. Also visit the official site of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Next Easy Improvement

Next easy tip is to make sure that you are holding the cue stick properly while you are shooting. Make sure that you hold the cue stick as level as possible unless you’re trying to make the ball jump or trying to make it curve or add some reverse English. When the tip is about halfway from the cue ball to your bridge hand your forearm should be perpendicular to the floor. This is when you hold the cue firm but not overly firm you still want smoothed action and smooth gliding as the cue stick strokes back-and-forth.

For you next easy tip for shooting pool like a pro, use chalk as often as necessary. You can chalk up every time you shoot, but it’s not really necessary. Especially if you’re shooting right in the center of the cue ball. If the tip becomes so smooth that it will not hold chalk roughen it up a little bit with a small piece of sandpaper or any other kind of scuffer will do a great job. A good technique to use is to rub the chalk onto the tip not just spin the cue tip into the chalk. These small pieces of knowledge ought to catapult you heads and shoulders above the rest of the newcomers. Pro tips and recommendations provided by Pool Table Movers Los Angeles, you can visit they’re site here , our friends provide billiards services to the greater Los Angeles area.

Crouching Close To Your Pool Cue

Next up will talk about how you crouch otherwise known as your stance, get this right and you’re well on your way to big one bad billiards player. Many of the best billiards players have so low of a crouch that their faces almost touching the cue stick, I am in the habit of imitating the top players of any game. Of all good players no one holds their chin higher than the cue stick then a foot. You can think of holding the cue stick kind of like a meaning rifle you need to see all the way down that straight-line. For true play on your pool table make sure that the table top is in good condition and that the cushions rebound properly as well, to get a professional opinion and recommendations on Pool Table Repair call a local billiards service in your area.